SkateSuffolk works to encourage, utilise and capitalise on the sustainable characteristics of skateboarding. Our mission over the next 3 years is to raise the profile, perception, accessibility and experience of skating in Suffolk. Throughout our journey we will demonstrate and broaden the positive benefits that this culture brings not just to the skateboard community but into society beyond.

We will achieve this by working with the skateboard community and relevant partners to;

1.    Raise awareness of skateboarding and its benefits socially, physically and mentally.

2.   Activate safe, accessible and inclusive skateboard spaces in Suffolk.

3.   Provide advice, support and training for skateboarders of all ages and abilities to thrive.

Over the next 12 months we aim to;

Engage and consult with our skateboard community and relevant partners, including Local Authorities, on our aims, objectives and activities.

Raise the immediate profile of, and accessibility to, skateboarding through events and activities.


Seek external funding to make exemplar capital improvements to Ipswich Stoke Bridge park that will in turn create a safer enhanced skateboarding environment.


Gain Skateboard GB’s Level 1 Coaching Skateboarding qualification within our team.


Act as a consult for existing and new skateable spaces in Suffolk.


Formalise and legalise our operating constitution.


Deliver educational workshops relevant to Skateboarding and career skills.


Review this vision statement for years 2 and 3.

We are a group of skateboarders, representing skateboarders to grow and thrive.

We will keep a record of our work through this site and would be keen to hear from anyone interested in supporting this journey.

Props and Prosperity,